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I am a solo sailor circumnavigating onboard my 1965 Alberg 30 Sloop, SV Triteia. I share my adventures online as weekly episodes on my YouTube channel and in the written word through magazine articles and books. As of 2023 Triteia and myself had sailed more than 9000nm after departing Los Angeles in 2021 making our way to the Hawaiian Islands, French Polynesia, American Samoa, Fiji and New Zealand.  

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The Logs of the Good Ship Triteia

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This book is the complete collection of the logs that were written in real-time during a ill-fated 32 day passage on Los Angeles, California to Honolulu Hawaii on the 30 foot sloop, SV Triteia. 

These entries first appeared as blog posts on Triteia's satellite tracking page by the ships captain James Frederick. Friends of Triteia, family and loved ones tuned in daily to see the ships progress and read the logs to see how life on board was going. 

On day 14, August 26th, Triteia's rudder failed and the captain and his ship found themselves adrift in the middle of the biggest ocean on the planet. 

After the passage was complete and The Good Ship Triteia and her captain were safely tied up at Ala Wai Harbor. The messages started flooding in about how both friends and strangers alike had become transfixed with the tracker and the updates some described it like reading a pulp serial except  that it was non-fiction and no one knew how the story would end,,,, not even the writer. 

For this 258 page, perfect bound 6"x 9" paper back edition we have included 121 full color photographs printed on premium paper. Printed on demand by Ingram Spark Printing House. 

This book is print on demand and the printer requires up to 13 business days to print so please understand if the book takes a few weeks to arrive to you.

This book is also available as an eBook if you have limited storage space in you ships library or limited funds in your cruising kitty.  You can find the ebook versions for sale at the iTunes shop.


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The Friends of Triteia

I post all of my videos up online for free for anyone to enjoy and learn from. Some folks decide they want to contribute because they find value in the entertainment or in things they have learned from watching my videos. 

For as little as a $1 a video (thats $4 a month) You can give Triteia a nod and help her stay shipshape.  

I am a terrible businessman so I am not good at promoting this sort of stuff but here it is for anyone that is interested. 

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