1965 ALBERG 30 - Hull #55 

I found Triteia in the Los Angeles Harbor forgotten and bound for the scapeyard. I bought her for $2400 with a siezed engine and stripped bare of all gear but a worn out set of mismatched sails in April of 2017.

Over the next 4 years I slowly refit her into a serious ocean going bluewater cruising, working paycheck to paycheck I did all the work myself and slowly she became the boat I always dreamt of owning but could never afford. 


Those are the major upgrades along with many other minor projects that went in to making her a blue water cruiser. 

The Captain

James Frederick (b.1975)

15,000 + Nautical miles of passage making with adventures and yacht deliveries down the entire length of the west coast of the United States, From Puerto Rico to Bermuda to North Carolina, The Stockholm Archipelago and the Åland Islands of Finland, As well as expensive exploration and adventuring at 27 of the anchorages on the Channel Islands of California. Recently Frederick has completed solo ocean passages from Los Angeles to New Zealand by way of Hawaii and French Polynesia. 

Frederick has more than 300 videos up on his YouTube Channel of sailing adventures, DIY How To videos & Yacht Deliveries. He is also a published writer with a number of books currently in the works for future release.